TAP’s Restructure Resources Group is comprised of senior-level professionals that customize their approach, communicate effectively, and bring unique skill sets to every engagement. With a long collective history in lending, auditing, mergers & acquisitions, forensic accounting, valuation, and mitigation, our highly-experienced team is perfectly positioned to make a difference in today’s business environment.

William (Bill) Fickling, III (Managing Partner)

Mr. Fickling’s career spans early four decades in the finance sector, much of it through his family office and private investment arm, Mulberry Street Investment Company. Mulberry’s private equity investments span diverse sectors, including finance, real estate, automotive dealerships, timberlands, managed healthcare, and hospitality. Mr. Fickling’s end-to-end experience and operating know-how have helped realize nine figure profits for Mulberry, where he continues to oversee the family’s investment portfolio and serves on the board of the Fickling Family Foundation.


Mr. Fickling has also served in a key role in the restructure of the nation’s first preferred provider organization (PPO, a managed healthcare organization) and served in an M&A capacity witha major hospital management chain. He also founded, was chairman of the board, and a significant investor in a federally-insured, state-chartered bank.


Mr. Fickling graduated from the University of Georgia in 1982 with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), specialization in finance. [Back to Process]

Neil J. Ackroyd (Director, UK)

Mr. Ackroyd is experienced in identifying business opportunities (including purchasing distressed companies), implementing/analyzing accounting systems, and managing operations. For most of the last two decades, he founded and operated boutique firms that required a variety of financial skillsets. Prior to that, Mr. Ackroyd was part of Livingstone Partners (then Livingstone Guarantee) where he contributed expertise to management buyout deals and disposal projects.

Mr. Ackroyd is qualified as an accountant and holds an SI certificate in corporate finance from time spent at KPMG.

David Taylor (Director, UK)

Mr. Taylor is an experienced owner, manager, and director with a background in business planning, procurement, corporate finance, operations, and management. He has a long history of results in small to medium-sized enterprises and large, multi-divisional organizations.

Mr. Taylor has experience in strategy development, corporate finance, negotiations, and project management. He holds a CIMA certificate in Business Accounting.

Manuel Ocaranza (Vice President)

Mr. Ocaranza has a long history of impact in investment banking and corporate finance, much of it for Marfrig Global Foods, one of the world’s largest food processing companies. During his time with Marfig, he was directly involved in top management discussions of multiple operations in the U.S., UK, and Asia.

A Level III Chartered Financial Analyst®, Mr. Ocaranza is fluent in four languages and has worked for UBS, Deutsche Bank, and AIG Private Bank.

Al Razavi (Managing Director, Business Development)

Al Razavi has a long and varied career of accomplishment in the financial industry.

Prior to joining TAP Financial Partners, he was managing director of business development for SkyPower Global (the largest solar developer in North America) and helped raise financing for a large project in Uzbekistan. Mr. Razavi has also been managing partner for a boutique advisory and placement firm in Switzerland that assisted private equity firms with fundraising requirements among institutional and family office investors in Europe and the Middle East.


Mr. Razavi started his career on Wall Street, working with firms that included Shearson Lehman Brothers, Sutro & Company, and Merrill Lynch.

James Mendelsohn (Member, Senior Advisory)

James Mendelsohn is an experienced advisor and operator in financial services, specializing in small business lending, payments, and consumer finance. He has expertise in go-to-market strategies and capital transactions (debt and equity) for small business lenders, investment funds, payment processors and merchant acquirers.


Mr. Mendelsohn’s financial career includes a leadership role at Capital One where, as vice president of corporate strategy, he focused on marketing, digital, and customer experience strategy across credit card, banking, and financial services lines of businesses. He was also chief marketing and sales officer at CAN Capital, a leading non-bank provider of financing to small businesses. Working in partnership with FIS Worldpay, Mr. Mendelsohn also helped launch Liberis Finance in the U.S. and has advised numerous lenders, payment processors, and factoring companies.


Mr. Mendelsohn has a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, where he was an NSF Fellow, and an M.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Maryland.